release what no longer serves you


Use your breath today to inhale gratitude for the lessons and to release what no longer serves you.

– Spiritual Homework


Start today!


It’s easy to look at life and see everything that isn’t going right. However, it’s time to change your thought process. Start today.
Look at everything going well in your life. You are alive. You are reading this. You have your vision. You have your fingers and can type. You are breathing. There is much to be grateful for. Sometimes we just need to be reminded. –
Living Happy

Bullying is NOT acceptable

As a victim of bullying in high school and having had friends that have been bullied I am saying this to all of you. Bullying is NOT acceptable and MUST be taken care of. No one knows your life but you and many times its miss judgment of a person. Don’t open your mouth when you don’t know and instead of harsh words revert to kind ones.
– Inspire Change