Reignite that hope

Sometimes in this life I wonder where all of the love and compassion for others have gone. I look about and see people’s actions hurting others and find myself loosing hope. THEN and only then I begin to see, begin to hear, begin to observe great things…. great things like a student at a home school saying that passing valentines out to the elderly at a local home is more important than TV. Great things like the pages that you visit every day, many who are close friends that try and bring the very things we are starting to lack as a society back into this world. Great things like people reaching out all across the country and the world to find help for our animals. These great things reignite that hope in me. May it reignite that hope in you as well.
– Inspire Change ♥


About inspirechange1

Ever since I was in high school my favorite saying has been inspire change, even have it written on my converse. :) Now, at 21 I wanted to create a page on Facebook that will help people and inspire them to think in new, positive ways and help them see themselves as well as others in a new light as well. It has gone over so well, I am now blogging too!

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