12 rules for building self-confidence

12 Rules for Building Self-confidence

1. Focus on your potential instead of your limitations.
2. Determine to know the truth about yourself.
3. Distinguish between who you are and what you do.
4. Find something you like to do and do well, then do it over and over.
5. Replace self-criticism with regular, positive self-talk.
6. Replace fear of failure with clear pictures of yourself functioning successfully and happily.
7. Dare to be a little eccentric.
8. Make the best possible peace with your parents.
9. Determine to integrate the body and spirit.
10. Determine to live above neurotic guilt.
11. Cultivate people who help you grow.
12. Refuse to allow rejection to keep you from taking the initiative with people



About inspirechange1

Ever since I was in high school my favorite saying has been inspire change, even have it written on my converse. :) Now, at 21 I wanted to create a page on Facebook that will help people and inspire them to think in new, positive ways and help them see themselves as well as others in a new light as well. It has gone over so well, I am now blogging too!

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